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Martine Yesler
Baccalaureate A (1970) Philosophy, Literature Law Degree. University of Reims in France.1 (1975) 1975 to 1980 Courses taken included: Civil Law, Public Law, Finance. computer courses, 1999 to 2001 Public relation and press director for Nano Data , translation and press release (New telecommunication). Translation of contract and the merchandising. Training workers for better productivity.
More than 17 years
Language pair
English ‹› French
Tools / Software
Proficient with MS Office, Windows XP, Excel, Power Point, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Trados 2007, 2009, Wordfast
Subtitles Translator (ST)
    <h3>Translation / proof reader Service. English &#8249;&#8250 Portuguese</h3>
        <dt>Name</dt><dd>Marisa Fialho Schaurich</dd>
        <dt>Education</dt><dd>Graduated as a Teacher of English, Portuguese Languages and Literatures. Studied French, Spanish and German with private tutors</dd>
        <dt>Experience</dt><dd>over 25 years</dd>
        <dt>Language pair</dt><dd>French &#8249;&#8250 English, Spanish &#8249;&#8250 Portuguese, Spanish &#8249;&#8250 English.</dd>
        <dt>Topics / Field</dt><dd>gaming and hospitality/tourism industry translation</dd>
        <dt>Message</dt><dd>Having a very good reading and writing command of French and Spanish and an upper intermediate command of German.</dd>
        <dt>Email</dt><dd><a href="mailto:marisa.f.schaurich@hotmail.com">marisa.f.schaurich@hotmail.com</a></dd>

    <h3>Translation Service. French, German and English</h3>
        <dt>Name</dt><dd>Gwenoline Soleau</dd>
        <dt>Education</dt><dd>Master's degree of German Language and Diploma of Literary Translation at CETL.</dd>
        <dt>Experience</dt><dd>8 Years</dd>
        <dt>Topics / Field</dt><dd>subtitling and translation services</dd>
        <dt>Message</dt><dd>German/English tutoring services to students studying the German language</dd>
        <dt>Email</dt><dd><a href="mailto:gwendoline.solente@hotmail.com">gwendoline.solente@hotmail.com</a></dd>

    <h3>Freelance translator with 6 language combinations</h3>
        <dt>Name</dt><dd>Noha Saied</dd>
        <dt>Experience</dt><dd>The ability to translate all kinds of documents in all fields regardless of the length, complexity and research requirements</dd>
        <dt>Language pair</dt><dd>Arabic &#8249;&#8250; English &#8249;&#8250; Arabic<br />
                Arabic &#8249;&#8250; French &#8249;&#8250; Arabic<br />
                English &#8249;&#8250; French &#8249;&#8250; English</dd>
        <dt>Message</dt><dd>The ability to translate in 6 language combinations</dd>
        <dt>Email</dt><dd><a href="mailto:noha.saied@hotmail.com">noha.saied@hotmail.com</a></dd>

    <h3> Translation Service.</h3>
        <dt>Name</dt><dd>Anne Rowe-Peyr&eacute;tout</dd>
        <dt>Location</dt><dd>Paris, France</dd>
        <dt>Education</dt><dd>Masters Degree in Translation Studies (University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom)</dd>
        <dt>Experience</dt><dd>From 2003 onwards</dd>
        <dt>Language pair</dt><dd>English &#8250; French</dd>
        <dt>Topics / Field</dt><dd>Government, diplomacy, environment, literature, medical, pharmaceutical, marketing, advertising and general documents such as websites</dd>
        <dt>Email</dt><dd><a href="mailto:Anne.Rowe1@hotmail.com">Anne.Rowe1@hotmail.com</a></dd>

    <h3>Freelance translator / proofreader.</h3>
        <dt>Name</dt><dd>Marianne Pasty</dd>
        <dt>Experience</dt><dd>Experience in teaching French, English and German at school and for tuition classes (in France, Germany and India), which contributes to my in-depth knowledge of these languages.</dd>
        <dt>Language pair</dt><dd> English (UK, US) &#8249;&#8250; French (France)<br />
German (Germany) &#8249;&#8250; French (France)<br />
French (France) &#8249;&#8250; English (UK, US)</dd>
        <dt>Topics / Field</dt><dd>Ethnology, anthropology, ethnography, religious studies, ritual, patronage, performing arts, mythology, tradition, folklore, development and self empowerment, gender, Traditional medicine, traditional medicine policy, ethnomedicine, ethics, bioethics.</dd>
        <dt>Tools / Software</dt><dd>Trados 2009, MemoQ</dd>
        <dt>Message</dt><dd>Got lot of experience translating between these three languages at academic (University of Heidelberg, EHESS of Paris) as well as at institutional level (UNESCO, Paris)</dd>
        <dt>Email</dt><dd><a href="mailto:marianne.pasty@hotmail.com">marianne.pasty@hotmail.com</a></dd>

    <h3>English  &#8249;&#8250;  French Translator</h3>
        <dt>Name</dt><dd>Ngakam Joel</dd>
        <dt>Native language</dt><dd>French native</dd>
        <dt>Language pair</dt><dd>English  &#8249;&#8250;  French and occasionally from French  &#8249;&#8250;  English.</dd>
        <dt>Topics / Field</dt><dd>tourism, electronic appliances, social science, petroleum, Education, Business, Technical, Health, IT, Environment, Human Rights, Economics, Diplomacy, Religion, Legal, Architecture translations</dd>
        <dt>Message</dt><dd>I am a translator based in Yaounde, Cameroon, and I would like to offer my services to your agency.</dd>
        <dt>Email</dt><dd><a href="mailto:joel.ngakam@hotmail.com">joel.ngakam@hotmail.com</a>, 
<a href="mailto:joel.ngakam1@gmail.com">joel.ngakam1@gmail.com</a></dd>

    <h3>Translator Portuguese, English, French and Spanish.</h3>
        <dt>Name</dt><dd>Maria Figueira</dd>
        <dt>Experience</dt><dd>20  years</dd>
        <dt>Language pair</dt><dd>Portuguese, English, French and Spanish  into Portuguese or English.</dd>
        <dt>Topics / Field</dt><dd>Medicine,   biomedicine,   pharmacology,   biology,   chemistry,   veterinary medicine,  animal  welfare,  general  texts, novels  and  lifestyle  books  to  religion,  patents  and  websites.</dd>
        <dt>Tools / Software</dt><dd>Trados  2007  and  2009</dd>
        <dt>Email</dt><dd><a href="mailto:maria.d.figueira@hotmail.com">maria.d.figueira@hotmail.com</a></dd>

    <h3>Turkish Translator</h3>
        <dt>Name</dt><dd>Ayse Bilen</dd>
        <dt>Location</dt><dd>Born in Istanbul, Turkey. Now in USA</dd>
        <dt>Language pair</dt><dd>English &#8249;&#8250; Turkish &#8249;&#8250; English, English &#8249;&#8250;  French &#8249;&#8250; English, French &#8249;&#8250; Turkish</dd>
        <dt>Topics / Field</dt><dd>Psychology, Social Sciences, Literature, History</dd>
        <dt>Email</dt><dd><a href="mailto:AyseBilen1@hotmail.com">AyseBilen1@hotmail.com</a></dd>

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