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Susanne Walter
Native German speaker with a B.A. degree in Linguistics (Japanese Studies) and a M.A. degree in Development Studies from the University of Vienna, Austria. BA and MA thesis in English. completed courses in Japanese translation and Japanese reading and writing, both in German and English. Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), Level 1.
Extensive experience with Japanese translations during my BA studies at the Japanese Institute in Vienna. Working for International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Bangkok where I am also in charge assisting our Japanese counterparts for interpretation and translation of relevant documents from English>Japanese and vice versa.
Language pair
English ‹› German ‹› English
Japanese ‹› English, Japanese ‹› German
Topics / Field
inquiries, interview questionnaires and background papers. Information material, policy analysis.
Tools / Software
CAT translation tools (SDL Trados, Wordfast, Atlas)
    <h3>Translation Service. French, German and English</h3>
        <dt>Name</dt><dd>Gwenoline Soleau</dd>
        <dt>Education</dt><dd>Master's degree of German Language and Diploma of Literary Translation at CETL.</dd>
        <dt>Experience</dt><dd>8 Years</dd>
        <dt>Topics / Field</dt><dd>subtitling and translation services</dd>
        <dt>Message</dt><dd>German/English tutoring services to students studying the German language</dd>
        <dt>Email</dt><dd><a href="mailto:gwendoline.solente@hotmail.com">gwendoline.solente@hotmail.com</a></dd>

    <h3>English &#8249;&#8250; German, Dutch, Spanish, Latin Freelance Translator Available.</h3>
        <dt>Name</dt><dd>Claudia B&Ouml;Gel Kluge</dd>
        <dt>Education</dt><dd>Master's degree in Comparative Languages and Cultures. Bachelor's degree in Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures.</dd>
        <dt>Language pair</dt><dd>English &#8249;&#8250; German, Dutch, Spanish, Latin.</dd>
        <dt>Topics / Field</dt><dd>Tourism, sports, zoology, car rentals, car insurance and marketing surveys, marketing, user's manuals, linguistics and games, business.</dd>
        <dt>Message</dt><dd>Translation and proofreader/editor service.</dd>
        <dt>Email</dt><dd><a href="mailto:claudia.kluge@hotmail.com">claudia.kluge@hotmail.com</a></dd>

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