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Marianne Pasty
Experience in teaching French, English and German at school and for tuition classes (in France, Germany and India), which contributes to my in-depth knowledge of these languages.
Language pair
English (UK, US) ‹› French (France)
German (Germany) ‹› French (France)
French (France) ‹› English (UK, US)
Topics / Field
Ethnology, anthropology, ethnography, religious studies, ritual, patronage, performing arts, mythology, tradition, folklore, development and self empowerment, gender, Traditional medicine, traditional medicine policy, ethnomedicine, ethics, bioethics.
Tools / Software
Trados 2009, MemoQ
Got lot of experience translating between these three languages at academic (University of Heidelberg, EHESS of Paris) as well as at institutional level (UNESCO, Paris)
    <h3>French &#8249;&#8250; German Freelance Translator</h3>
        <dt>Name</dt><dd>Didier Begon</dd>
        <dt>Education</dt><dd>Bachelor's Degree in Law and International Relations, Master's Degree in English Linguistics and Translation Techniques from the University of Strasbourg. Native speaker of French and German languages</dd>
        <dt>Experience</dt><dd>Working as a translator for almost nine years</dd>
        <dt>Language pair</dt><dd>French &#8249;&#8250; German</dd>
        <dt>Topics / Field</dt><dd>All fields, specially: Medical and Legal</dd>
        <dt>Email</dt><dd><a href="mailto:didier.b@outlook.sa">didier.b@outlook.sa</a></dd>

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