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Ana A
Certification as a qualified translator by the Certified Translation Professional (CTP) Program
More than 10 years
Language pair
Italian, French, Spanish, English, German, Danish, Norwegian > Portuguese Translation
Topics / Field
Engineering, computer technology, human relations and medicine
Tools / Software
Trados 2011 and 2009, Tageditor 2007 and Wordfast Pro 2012
    <h3>English, Spanish and French &#8250; Portuguese Translation.</h3>
        <dt>Name</dt><dd>Luis Ferrand</dd>
        <dt>Experience</dt><dd>20 years experience</dd>
        <dt>Language pair</dt><dd>English, Spanish and French into Portuguese (European and African)</dd>
        <dt>Topics / Field</dt><dd>Technical Manuals (Audio, Video and Computers: hardware &amp; software)  Internet &amp; Software Localization, Business, Commerce, Finance, Tourism, History, Religion andHumanities.</dd>
        <dt>Tools / Software</dt><dd>Several Computer Aided Translation Tools</dd>
        <dt>Message</dt><dd>As a Portuguese freelance translator and a good understanding of other Portuguese-speaking markets such as Brazil, Angola, Mozambique or Guinea-Bissau</dd>
        <dt>Email</dt><dd><a href="mailto:luis.f.ferrand@hotmail.com">luis.f.ferrand@hotmail.com</a></dd>

    <h3>Translator Available</h3>
        <dt>Name</dt><dd>Alexandre Batista</dd>
        <dt>Education</dt><dd>Degree in Translation (Institute of Languages and Administration, Portugal)</dd>
        <dt>Language pair</dt><dd>English and French into Portuguese (Freelance)</dd>
        <dt>Topics / Field</dt><dd>Technical manuals and documents, proofreading, localization of Web and software.</dd>
        <dt>Email</dt><dd><a href="mailto:alexandre.b.work@hotmail.com">alexandre.b.work@hotmail.com</a></dd>

    <h3>Freelance English/Portuguese Translator</h3>
        <dt>Name</dt><dd>Isabel Freitas</dd>
        <dt>Education</dt><dd> English Teacher.</dd>
        <dt>Experience</dt><dd>Freelance and In-house translator, reviewer and interpreter. Sworn translator.</dd>
        <dt>Language pair</dt><dd>Translator from English, Spanish and French to European Portuguese</dd>
        <dt>Topics / Field</dt><dd>Reviewer. Experienced in technical translation jobs such as: Accounting, Finance, Legal, Electronics, Telecom, Machinery, Medical</dd>
        <dt>Message</dt><dd>Always been to dexterously convey the message in the target language with honesty and precision while maintaining a reader-friendly style that lends itself to the topic at hand. Nothing is untranslatable. Skill-backed experience is the name of the game. Plus, a translator's personal touch is what makes all the difference. Martini Rossi – Portugal, Flex (Climax)-Portugal, Alcatel – Portugal, Tyco Electronics – Portugal, Hospital de Santa Maria- Portugal, Universidade Egas Moniz – Portugal, Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias.</dd>
        <dt>Email</dt><dd><a href="mailto:isabel.portuguese@hotmail.com">isabel.portuguese@hotmail.com</a></dd>

    <h3>Translator Portuguese, English, French and Spanish.</h3>
        <dt>Name</dt><dd>Maria Figueira</dd>
        <dt>Experience</dt><dd>20  years</dd>
        <dt>Language pair</dt><dd>Portuguese, English, French and Spanish  into Portuguese or English.</dd>
        <dt>Topics / Field</dt><dd>Medicine,   biomedicine,   pharmacology,   biology,   chemistry,   veterinary medicine,  animal  welfare,  general  texts, novels  and  lifestyle  books  to  religion,  patents  and  websites.</dd>
        <dt>Tools / Software</dt><dd>Trados  2007  and  2009</dd>
        <dt>Email</dt><dd><a href="mailto:maria.d.figueira@hotmail.com">maria.d.figueira@hotmail.com</a></dd>

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