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Tamil language search is now possible to look for images, news, maps, web search, groups and many more in the internet. The leader in the field seems to be the American company Google Inc. There are plenty web sites provide the facility to search using Tamil language words. These web sites provides special facilities to type in Tamil using their own on web Tamil key board or they allow you to use Uni code, Bamini like fonts.

There are lot of Tamil words, articles, stories, novels, research works, and many more in the internet along with Tamil related images and photos. Tamil search will allow you to find those within seconds from many sources in the internet. If have time you too can add Tamil content to the internet world.

Once you typed the search word in Tamil and press the "search" button the next opening page will display the available result in Tamil language according to their popularity.

There are many other India based web sites that are offering their search the internet in Tamil service. This kind of service is good for the Tamil translators' as the translators can do their translation work quick and efficiently in time with the Tamil search help.

This page provides you a search box that can be used to search the internet for Tamil words. All you have to do is type the Tamil word in that serch box and press the search button. You will get all the available content in Tamil for your search.

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