Make Your Own Font.

Making your own font is not so difficult if you know to use some computer programs. It is easy if you have your own computer, printer and scanner.


With these and some available programs you can make your won font to use as your signature or style when creating computer based mail articles and so on. Why, you can even sell it in the international market as your own font for a fixed price.

There are many ways to make your own font according to different programmers of the font creator tools.

These font creators are actually font editors that are available in the internet for a price. Some are available for free but these are trail version and can't save your work or transfer to another place as it won't allow you to do so, till you pay them.

What are the popular font editing tools in the internet ?

  • FontCreator :You can import (scanned) images of your signature or company logo, or make a font from your own handwriting. Other features include the ability to preview fonts before installing, and a font installation wizard that makes your fonts available to other applications.

  • FontLab Studio :Professional font editor for advanced typography. It can import and export TrueType, Type 1, and OpenType fonts. It has extensive glyph drawing and editing tools, advanced metrics, Multiple Master and font transformation features.

  • Type Light :Type Light is an easy-to-use program with which you can edit existing fonts and even create new ones from scratch. The program requires either knowledge about how to work with fonts or the patience to acquire it, but it has plenty of features for those who are willing to explore its capabilities.

  • NexusFont

  • CrossFont