Medical Translation.

Tamil medical translation is dived in to two types. If you are requesting for medical translation service, then you must say clearly in what kind of medical translation you require for.


For instance there is Tamil medical practice. Those who perform are not were educated from the universities till 1950. The Tamil medicines were taught by father to son method and kept in certain families only. These medical people used medicines and medicated oils made from locally found plants in India and Sri Lanka.

They have their own books like Vahadam. So if you are looking for translation in the field of medicine translation you must mention it in the order form whether it is Tamil medicine ( Ayurvedic), Western medicine, unani medicine, Homeopathy or Chinese medicine.

As for the Chinese medicine there are not much Tamil translators in that field. So you must search ad find the correct person to do the perfect translation as there is no mechanical translation too is not available world wide.

Most of the medicine translators work do western medicine topic as there is lot of need for them from universities, students and medicine making companies. Those Tamil medical translators must have good knowledge of the available pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and biochemistry terminology to perform their translation works in perfect and in given short time.

These kinds of jobs don't come regularly for those service providers, so they may be tempted to charge more money for their work. Those translation service providing companies usually will charge you extremely high rate when they heard the word s Tamil ad medicines. So you have to sit down with them and try to make their charges to minimum as there are very less people available to do the medical terms .So it is better to go for the certified Tamil medical translation service provider to get your job done.