Samsung Galaxy S8 with Translation App

Samsung Galaxy S8 was recently unveiled to the general public at a function in New York City. The Smartphone comes with plenty of onboard Apps and with lot of Apps from the Google play for translation purpose. Samsung's Bixby being can take a picture of text and translate it into different languages. Samsung Bixby supports 52 languages.

Recently Samsung announced that Bixby’s voice smarts had been expanded to more than 200 markets globally,.


Samsung says with its artificial intelligence Bixby "Don't be afraid to eat like a local. Bixby Vision will translate the menu for you so you can order exactly what you wanted.".

Samsung had one special app called as S-Translator in the Galaxy 4 and 5 phones. where the user can get much translation benefit from the unit. Their translation App knows 9 different languages with different fonts in these devices.

They are,.

  • English

  • Chinese

  • French

  • German

  • Italian

  • Japanese

  • Korean

  • Portuguese

  • Spanish

There is plenty of translation app although this pre installed app is designed to translate the emails of the user with little maneuvering. Also it can do speech to text and text to speech perfectly. The built in app can also translate printed text too in to the user's language.

Samsung Bixby.