Tamil Translation Services.

Tamil translation services are provided by many leading companies and individuals whom are doing Translation work from all over the world that covers many international languages and topics.

These services are done by professional people and normal translators.

For Government and legal documents or certified documents you must get the service done by a sworn in translator. Most of the Tamil sworn in translators are available in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Singapore.


Also countries like UK, Canada and many other European countries too have sworn in Tamil translators who are immigrated mostly from India or Sri Lanka. Most translators work on Tamil to English or English to Tamil languages. After the English language translation work, French, German and Italian languages too provides more Tamil related translation Jobs.

To request a service please mention what font or fonts you want to use in the work and in what size. Also don't forget to mention in what format you need the finish products. (Paper or computer files.

If you need computer text, then in what kind of file the work should be saved as) for personal services mention at what day, time and city along with country name allow them enough time to make arrangements.

  • Tamil Translations.

  • Tamil Articles, Dramas on any matter for all kind publish media.

  • Tamil Interpreters.

  • Tamil personal tuitions.

  • Tamil Classes.

  • Tamil Book's layout in page maker.

  • Tamil Poetry for any occasions.

  • Tamil Web site development. There are different kinds of English - Tamil and Tamil - English Dictionaries.

  • Tamil Language learning CD's also available in stores and internet.

In Sri Lanka if you are looking for your birth certificate translation or marriage certificate translation it can be done at the Register Generals office which is located at Battaramulla, Colombo, Srilanka at a nominal fee charged through postal stamp.

Teaching Tamil Language.

Tamil language teaching including literature available for elders students and children in New Delhi, India by Tamil M.A Degree holder.

Contact: rssundari1953@gmail.com.