Tamil Keyboard

These Keyboards for the computers, laptops and tablets are available with alphabets printed on each of the keys. While there are boards with keys printed in both languages that can be connected to your computer. So as a PC user, you can select which ever language you may like to type. Also there are alphabets printed on stickers which you can paste on the keys of your computer or laptop keyboards. These boards can be purchased in accessory shops in countries where Tamil people are living. Also they can be purchased in the internet through the online stores, where many web sites are selling them.

If you are interested in buying a keyboard for your computer then go for a printed one with both languages. Because if you are having a one language keys only keyboard then you have to change for an English one when you want to type in English. You can't change your keyboard while the PC is running.

Also frequently changing them may damage the connector pins too. If you are a professional type setter using only one language only, then you can go for a fully printed keyboard.

While you are having another language Keyboard and if you want to type in English then you can use the on-screen keyboard from your laptop or pc. Or you can type in through the main keyboard and can type the other language through the on screen keyboard by setting it according to the manufacturer instructions.

To get the onboard keyboard go to Start Menu.

go to › All Programs › Accessories › Accessibility › On-Screen Keyboard.

Also if you want to Type using the on-screen keyboard get following the guide and select the font and use it in the keyboard menu.

Some web sites used to offer special service like words suggestion when you type the words in English from your computer. Also they offer word corrections for to correct words by selecting and paste.

Types of Tamil keyboards those are available for sale.

  • Single language printed in the keys of the keypad.
  • One with both languages are printed in equal size.
  • Two of the Indian regional languages are printed in equal size in the keyboard. This is a good idea for those language translators.
  • Alphabet stickers with instructions on which key to paste them on the keypad.