Tamil Online Translation Software

Tamil online translation Software is available based on the Google translation products. You can download them and use for translation work that you want to do from your internet connected PC. Most of them can't work without the internet connection as they had to depend on the Google translation service.

When we tried some of the available Tamil translation software, they didn't provide the correct translation by our translation experts.


Most of them come with the language package and Tamil is one of them.

The translation work between the European languages is bringing out nearly good result while Tamil lacks a lot.

Most other web sites provide the language translator for a price and you can get them to do a trail for 14 days. In this package "Text to Speech" facility too had been included for smaller words.

  • They can support 64 language translations.

  • Nearly 40 of them have Text to Speech.

  • Size of the file:3.0MB

  • We suggest this for small word translations.

  • Need internet connection to operate.

  • Required PC operating system:Microsoft Windows 7/Vista/XP/2008/2003/2000

  • Tamil Translator Price:US$110 Online Payment.