Translation App for Smartphones and Tablets

4:55 AM 11/08/2017.

Wide usage of hand held devices with the help of the Apps allow people to get translation to their desired language is possible within fraction of seconds. The latest technology allows voice to txt and sound translation too possible. So this is a great thing for the travelers, Business people and students whom used to travel in strange lands that are using language that they don't know.

With this translation Apps they can understand the local people and can express them to the strange people who speak another language.


Users of Smartphone and Tablets can simply translate foreign languages through their devices. Now these Applications are available for the PC and Laptop owners too. Translation Apps can be downloaded from the iOS, Android and other OS App stores for free and as paid versions to do the translation tasks of the device owner.

These Apps need updates from the provider to keep it work smooth and efficient.

If you are using Apple products like iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad that are having their latest operating system iOS, then you can use this translation App. If you are using any of the Android Smartphone or Tablet then you have the opportunity to install translation Apps that are available from the Google Play store.

Most of these Apps are available for free while some of them are priced at US$ $0.99 from the and in Google Play. It is available mostly in the category as travel. They will need around 2 - 3 MB from your Smartphone's storage to install them..

To whom these translation Apps are good?

These Apps are widely searched by travelers, teachers, students and translation service providing professionals.

How to use the App?

  • Go the website according to your device OS.

  • Search for translation App.

  • See how many downloads it got,

  • Read the users review and check the price.

  • Also check for any In-App Purchase option.

  • Download the App.

  • Install it, in your device

  • Now you got the facility to translate words and sentences very easily.

  • The outcome of the translation can be heard or read through the device.

Follow their instructions to stop, clear cache, or to remove this App from your device.

Many Apps are available with the following language combination.

English, Czech, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and many other languages you may like.

Popular Translation Apps.

  • Google Translate

  • AllTranslate

  • Better Translate

  • Universal Translator

  • Trippo Mondo – Voice Translator

  • TS Translator [Lite]

  • TransZilla

  • Broadspeak Translator

  • StarTranslate

  • eTranslate

  • ProTranslate

  • Collins English Portuguese Mini TR

  • Portuguese Translator and Dict

  • ColorDict Dictionary Translator

  • Travel Interpreter.

  • iTunes