Translator Jobs Online.

Many kinds of organizations, companies and Govern Departments are looking for language for the popular languages. Mean while some powerful middleman companies get the bulk translation orders from Governments and religious organizations and movie producers and ask the professional translators to do the job at lower rate and they get their share once the job is done.

Most of the foreign countries who are in the process of promoting tourism in their countries and to promote their Industrial products go behind companies to hand over the process of the related translation process to promotional companies at a fixed high pay. For many of the world wide translators getting the part of job is lucrative.

Most of the jobs are posted in the freelance web site under the project section.


Kind of jobs

Online translator jobs are for the quick working people where they have to submit their work in hourly base through the internet, where the translation job provider's quality checker will wait for the end result online. He will check and ok or correct small errors or reject the work piece back to the translator.

QA used to get hundreds of pages of translated material in the internet from the assigned translators and will complete the project by placing them in order as per the original concept.

What kinds of tools are necessary ?

  • If you are an online translator doing translation jobs, you can use the machine translation facility if the language got the perfect translating pattern.

  • Other wise you have to go for the traditional method to do the job.

  • You must have a computer connected to the internet.

  • Must have Skype like program to communicate with the job provider and to transfer files.

  • Good quality headphone set.

  • Take note, Skype will allow you to transfer image, audio, video and Zip files only.

  • You can't transfer folders - that may contain files.

  • A good program to open and create Zip files in your computer.

  • A good Image Scanner.

  • One Laser Printer to make printouts of the content if necessary.

  • Paper holder on the side of the desk to read A4 size content.

  • Microsoft Word to show you typing errors and word suggestion tool.

  • Onboard dictionary or onli9ne dictionary access facility.